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▶ Offers transverse speed at bow and stern position, as well as longitudinal speed
▶ Provides transverse speed at any position of the ship utilizing the built-in satellite compass
▶ Delivers roll, pitch and angular information for navigation equipment such as Radar, ECDIS and AIS.

Accurate information of ship’s attitude contributes to safe and efficient navigation.

▶ Fully complies with SDME (Speed and Distance Measuring Device) standard (IEC 61023) and THD (Transmitting Heading Device) standard (ISO 22090-3)
▶ 5.7″ color LCD
▶ Compact antenna unit facilitates ease of installation
▶ Simplified menu operation

The operator can navigate through the menu by pressing the cursor or pressing the numeric key associated with the menu items.

Speed accuracy ±0.02 kn

The measurement capability at dead slow speed is vital for precise docking of large ships.
The GS-100 offers speed accuracy of ±0.02 kn, which is of great help during berthing operations.
Also, an optional 8.4” color LCD for a wing workstation installation gives high-legibility, real-time information in both graphics and alphanumerics.

Optional 8.4″ color LCD
(for wing installation)