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Marine VHF radiotelephone JHS-800S

Intuitive touch display operation

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Our new 5-inch touch screen controlled Class A VHF radio (JRC model JHS-800S) featuring a uniform, corporate design with manual-free operation. The all-in-one unit (control unit with speaker, radiotelephone and DSC) has high sensitivity performance, Hi-Fi output and protection rate of IP56.

・Easy operation・Up to 4 remote controllers

・5-inch color LCD touch display・All-in-one design
・Class A DSC complying latest GMDSS requirement・New designed speaker and handset
・High quality sound (Hi-Fi audio)・Bluetooth® interface for wireless speaker mic
・Easy to install by compact design・Waterproof design (IP56)


This equipment has standard functions that include regular radiotelephone and DSC (digital selective calling) for distress transmissions, as well as functions to playback and record radio calls in real-time and an easy-to-operate self-diagnosis function.


Touch display

As of February 2019 the JHS-800S is the world’s first Class A marine VHF radio-telephone featuring a 5-inch high-brightness color LCD touch screen, which makes it an outstanding innovative design.

The backlights of the LCD screen with a wide viewing angle and the operation buttons are fully adjustable, preventing interference while keeping night watch.


The JHS-800S even has a Bluetooth®*1 interface for connecting to an external wireless speaker mic (option).
*1: The call distance is up to 10 m. Our test calues are not guaranteed values.

The JHS-800S channel settings and DSC calls can be operated remotely from the JRC MFD*2. While watching the MFD, you can talk on a location away from the JHS-800S equipment, using a wireless speaker mic
*2: Supported by JAN-9201/7201 and JMR-9200/7200 series.

Voice recording

The received voice recording (up to 8 minutes) and playback function enables later confirmation or temporary saving of communications.


The digital audio amplifiers, equalizer function for deep-normal-high voice, specially designed speakers and new handset offer superior sound quality. A remote standalone microphone and pedalswitch can be connected to via a junctionbox. It is possible to operate the VHF with optional controllers up to 100 m away from the bridge.


Equipment nameMarine VHF radiotelephone
StandardIMO resolution A.694 ( 17 ) ( 1991 )
IMO resolution A.803 ( 19 ) ( 1995 )
IMO resolution MSC.68 ( 68 ) ( 1997 )
IMO MSC / Circ.862 ( 1998 )
IEC 60945 Ed.4.0 ( 2002-08 )
Display5 inch TFT color LCD,
800 × 480 dots ( WVGA ),
Brightness: 1000 cd/m2
Communication modesSimplex and semi-duplex press talk system
Transmission frequencySimplex / semi-duplex : 155.000 – 163.500 MHz
Reception frequencySimplex / semi-duplex : 155.000 – 163.500 MHz
Antenna output power6 – 25 W ( when reducing : 0.5 – 1 W )
Modulation methodFM / FSK
Type of emissionRadiotelephone communications : F3E / G3E
DSC / ATIS : F2B / G2B
Channel spacing25 kHz
Frequency accuracy±10 × 10-6 or less
Antenna impedance50 Ω unbalanced
DSC CH70 recevierReceiver : built in
Frequency : 156.525 MHz
Number of channelsITU : Maximum 65 ch
USA : Maximum 65 ch
Canada : Maximum 65 ch
Inland waterway : Maximum 65 ch
Private : Maximum 200 ch
( channel steps : 25 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 10 KHz )
Weather : Maximum 10 ch
Memory : Maximum 10 ch
Power supply voltage24 VDC : 4.5 A
Power consumption
( 24 VDC input )
25 W when transmitting : Maximum 4.5 A / 108 W
When receiving : Maximum 1.5 A / 36 W
PortsIEC 61162 – 1 : 1 port
For GPS information input
IEC 61162 – 1/2 : 1 port
For AIS information input, brightness control and
BAM communication
LAN ( IEC 61162 – 450 compliant ) : 1 port
For radar, ECDIS, RMS ( VDR ), GPS, AIS, DMC,
brightness control, printer and BAM communication
Voice line output ( 600 Ω, balanced ) : 1 port
For VDR / S-VDR connection
Voice line output ( 600 Ω, unbalanced ) : 1 port
For external speaker connection
Audio outputBuilt-in speaker ( 4 Ω ) : 6 W or more
Handset ( 150 Ω ) : 1 mW or more
NMEA0183 versionVer1.5 / 2.0 / 2.3
NMEA0183 input sentenceALR, GGA, GLL, GNS, RMC, VDM, VDO, ZDA
Operating temperature-25℃ to +55℃
Storage temperature-40℃ to +80℃
WaterproofingMarine VHF radiotelephone : IP56
Handset : IP66
VHF controller : IP56


Standard components

Marine VHF radiotelephoneJHS-800S×1
Power cableCFS-810×1
Accessory cableCFS-820×1
Instruction manual7ZPJD0713×1
Bridge card7ZPJD0741×1
Spare parts0997015.WXN×1


Antenna mounting bracketMPBX41928A
AC / DC power supplyNBD-965
VHF controllerNCM-980
Desktop kit ( For main VHF )MPBX50190
Desktop kit ( For VHF controller )MPBX50191
CAN cableCFS-830
AUX cableCFS-840
Connection boxCQD-10
Handset connection boxNQE-1845
Handset connection boxNQE-1846
Handset connection boxNQE-1847B
Wireless speaker micBTR-155
Power supply for printerNBG-980
External speaker ( wall mount type )NVS-423R
External speaker ( flush mout type )NVS-823R
Distress message controllerNCH-3210
Hand micNVT-140L

・The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, INC.
・Bluetooth® interface : Bluetooth® 3.0 Class2
・Wireless speaker mic is a product made by SAVOX Corporation.
・The SII logos are registered trademark of Seiko Instruments Inc.
・Printer RP-D10 is a product made by Seiko Instruments Inc.