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  • Enhanced target detection, both short and long range
  • Minimum detection range of 20 m approx.
  • Fast Target Tracking™, display up to 30 targets simultaneously
  • Instant target vectors show heading and speed info with Fast Target Tracking™
  • Bird Mode, track birds to find the best fishing grounds
  • Moving targets (vessels and birds) display targets trails for easy identification
  • Choose antenna size from 3.5′, 4′ or 6′
  • New gearbox pedestal unit is 20% lighter than previous DRS Series unit, updated low noise motor
  • No PSU unit required, simple installation

Spot flocks of birds far away, incredible performance without compromise

A Stationary vessel B Moving vessel C Flock of birds

Bird echoes at 5 NM, the echoes can be distinctly separated from the nearby vessel in motion. The vessel shows a straight and clear echo trail, unlike the bird echoes that are identifiable by their random motion.

  • At 4 NM the bird echoes are extremely clear, and distinctly visible compared with other targets.

  • With echo trails, it’s possible to discern individual birds movements.

Long and short range performance improved!

Impressive long range performance

With an excellent long range performance, you can even spot land masses in detail at great distances.

Osaka Harbor, Japan

Land 36 NM ahead

Sea 24 NM aheadA DRS X-Class Series
B Conventional Radar echo

Excellent target separation at short range

Improved short range detection gives you unprecedented target separation for use in identifying hazardous targets.

Small sailing dinghies

Dinghies at 3 NM

Conventional Radar echo

All the screenshots above are taken on 6kW output.


DRS6A X-Class DRS12A X-Class NEW DRS25A X-Class NEW
AntennaXN10A : 1016 mm (3’5)
XN12A : 1255 mm (4′)
XN13A : 1795 mm (6′)
XN12A : 1255 mm (4′)
XN13A : 1795 mm (6′)
Peak Output Power6kW12kW25kW
Antenna Rotation Speed24/36/48 rpm range coupled or 24 rpm fixed
Beam WidthXN10A : Horizontal 2.3° Vertical 22°
XN12A : Horizontal 1.9° Vertical 22°
XN13A : Horizontal 1.4° Vertical 22°
Range Scales0.0625 to 96 NM
Temperature-25°C to + 55°C
Weight20 kg (XN10A), 21 kg (XN12A), 23 kg (XN13A)21 kg (XN12A), 23 kg (XN13A)22 kg (XN12A), 24 kg (XN13A)
Power Supply24 VDC
4.0 A4.5 A5.6 A