About Us

PT Golden Navigate Indonesia

PT. Golden Navigate Indonesia was founded in 2021 as a global company focused on marine electronic equipment, introducing as a part of the world of maritime business that continues to grow in the world, especially Indonesia. We hope that it will become the best reference for marine electronic needs which include navigation equipment and radio communication in the maritime sector. Previously, in 2009, CV. Golden Navigate which moves in the same field. To fulfill the need for marine electronic on a larger scale, PT. Golden Navigate Indonesia, which is expected to be able to answer challenges in this field with a wider scope, so that it is expected to become a trusted partner for the maritime world (shipping company, offshore, etc.), especially in the marine electronics sector. Our extensive relationships with providers from other countries such as Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, the United States, United Kingdom, India, and others are our support to always be able to provide good service to the maritime business

The products we handle are very varied, with world-class products that are so popular in marine application, and also national products. Supported by extensive experience from engineers and sales marketing in this field is the foundation that we hope to be able to provide professional and consistent services. In the field work application, we provide equipment installation, service and maintenance services, which are supported by various and quality spare parts for various types of brands and type of equipment.

We strive to apply the principle of "grow and developed together" in carrying out the trust that has been given to us, so that it is hoped that there will be a harmony of satisfaction between us and our customers.


Our vision is to become one of the most trusted companies in the maritime business, especially in the field of marine electronics which includes marine navigation and radio communication equipment for national and international scale. This vision is in line with the geographic position of Indonesia as one of the largest maritime countries in the world which of course requires qualified equipment support in its activities. The development of the maritime business and the demands for technology that develop and innovated continuesly will certainly require a good support system of equipment. We are here to be part of the system, and strive to be a trusted pillar.


Our mission is to apply the principle of " grow and developed together" "in each of our services. We strive to understand the aspects of the modern business that are required to move fast and dynamic, along with the inevitable global competition. The application of this mission is by:

- Professional and experienced support team.

- Support various equipment and spare parts.

- Good and flexible services.

 We hope that the satisfaction of our customers will be the output of the "grow and developed together" principle that we apply in our services